Dining Experience at Al Hadheerah Bab Al Shams Desert Resort

Dining Experience at Al Hadheerah Bab Al Shams Desert Resort
Experience authentic Arab food at Al Hadheerah restaurant located in Bab Al Shams Hotel.

What to expect

Experience authentic Arab food at Al Hadheerah restaurant located in Bab Al Shams Hotel. The best Arabic buffet dinner with its live entertainment, belly dance show, camel or horse riding experience and much more. Get your evening started with a convenient private pick up from your hotel in Dubai. Proceed to one of the biggest desert resort hotels about 1.5 hours from Dubai. Upon reaching the restaurant, receive a warm welcome at Al Hadheerah with traditional Arabic sweets. Experience the Arabic cuisine with delicious and tasty food lovingly prepared in front of your eyes at live cooking stations and spit roasts. During the dinner, enjoy a live entertainment show and a traditional Arabic belly dance. Over the weekend, there is also an amazing horse riding show that demonstrates the history of Arabic culture and Bedouin lifestyle. The restaurant also houses an old heritage village which takes you on a journey through the ancient cultural life of Arabia. The village is situated adjacent to Al Hadheerah, and it gives an informative walk through experience about how the Arab people lived in times gone by. Once your appetite is satisfied, your driver will be ready to take you back to your hotel.

Sample dinner menu: 

Hummus: Chickpeas ground with tahina paste flavoured with olive oil 
Tabouleh: Salad of freshly chopped flat leave parsley tossed with cracked wheat and tomatoes 
Mutable: Char-grilled eggplants blended with tahina paste and garlic 
Fattoush: Lettuce, tomato and onion flavoured with sumac topped with fried pita bread croutons 
Rocca salad: Salad of rocca leaves with sumac and sliced onions 
Moukhalalaat: Arabic mixed pickles
Labneh bil za’atar: Sliced Arabic cheese with fresh za’atar 
Labneh: Labneh with mint 
Cucumber yoghurt

Kebbeh: Traditional fried meat and crushed wheat balls filled with minced meat and spices 
Spinach fattayer: Light pastry filled with spinach flavoured with sumac and onion 
Meat Sambousak: Light pastry filled with minced lamb and pine seeds 
Cheese Sambousak: Light pastry filled with Arabic cheese and parsley 
Deep-fried chickpea dumplings with tahina sauce Chicken liver sautéed with garlic, chilli and lime

Assorted Iranian and Arabic kebabs 
Kebab au robe 
Iranian lamb kebabs marinated with yoghurt, onion and black pepper 
Kofta kebab: Minced lamb leg with herbs and spices 
Shish TaoukL Skewered boneless chicken marinated with lime and onion 
Lamb chops 
Chicken shawarma with pickles and all the condiments 
Beef shawarma & Whole baby ouzi 

Selection of seafood: Grilled live from a display of fresh seafood 
Selection of meats: From a meat display grilled live 
From the tri pot stands: Iranian rice with pomegranate, Steamed rice, Biryani, Oriental rice Steamed vegetables Baked potatoes, One type of soup 

Exotic sliced fruits Baklava Iranian pastries Umali Kunafa, Date cake Mohalabiya Crème caramel Fresh fruit salad Assorted cakesWhat’s included

  • Private pick up and drop off from Dubai hotel/residence
  • Dinner at Al Hadheera restaurant (Bab al Shams Hotel)
  • Live entertainment with belly dance show

What’s not included

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Horse or camel ride